I have earned my Master of Science degree in Architecture at the TUDelft in The Netherlands. I worked as an Architect, then changed to a larger scale, Urban Planning. Moving abroad, living in the US, Canada and Norway brought me, among other valuable life lessons, the scale change to Graphic Design. 

I love designing and making beautiful pragmatic products at all scales. I find it interesting to interpret the wish of a client and to develop a concept as key to all questions that rise during the design process from the first idea to the actual use of the product. I love to work with and for people, to make people happy by creating useful and beautiful results.

If you have a project and you need someone with a creative mind to take it to a next level in design, contact me. I’m happy to help you further. We will have a chat about which direction you are thinking of and I will get started to develop a concept. Most important is that you will be enthusiastic about the end result!


my art hanging in the North Peace Gallery

life is good at Solastranden

and on my bike.

and on the bike.

enjoying museum Voorlinden








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